An Exhibit Like No Other 

The 100 Words Of Wisdom Exhibit is inspired by our love for two groups; our grandchildren and our elders. 


It all began in 2016 during a dinner with Katori's 95-year old grandmother. We asked her a simple question,


"If you could share only one word with our grandchildren, what would that word be?"


She took a moment of contemplation then shared the word, FOCUS. She went on to explain why this word was so important in her life. This organic conversation went on for forty-five minutes. After dinner, Katori and Evan decided to treat Nana to a little paint and pampering. Katori gave her a light massage and painted her fingernails while Evan painted the word FOCUS on her hand. They took photos of Nana's hand and shared it with their social media community to rave reviews, likes, comments and shares. They soon realized that they were on to something special. 


A few months later Evan decided to use the same concept and apply for the Arts Westchester 2017 Arts Alive Individual Artist grant. To raise the stakes he decided that he would ask one hundred senior citizens to share their one word and story. His unique project caught the attention of the grant panel and he won the grant.  







December 2, 2017

1:00 - 5:00 pm
Please join us for an Artist Talk and festivities at Harmony Designs'

Equipoise Gallery

115 S 4th Ave.

Mt Vernon, NY 10550





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