Frequently Asked Questions

What is 320BodyArt?

320BodyArt is the name of our body art company. We use the number 320 to celebrate our collective birthday, March 20th. We combined our talents of art and spa treatments to create an experience like no other. Clients receive customized body art and a mini spa experience which includes aroma therapy, guided meditation and healing touch. Our mission is to adorn, celebrate and heal the body with art. We have earned the reputation of being "The Paint and Pamper Professionals".  We have been painting and pampering clients for four years and have produced over 700 body art designs to date. LEARN MORE


What is body art?

Body art is the adornment or decorating the body with art. Other body artists have been known to use acrylic paint on the skin. This is not recommended by Katori, who is a lisenced Esthetician. We only use professional-grade products from Kryolan, a make-up company that has been in the theatre and movie industries for over 70 years. 


How long does it last?

Our body art lasts forever, in photos. Actually, since it's make-up we suggest washing it off at the end of the day with warm water and soap. For The 100 Words Of Wisdom Exhibit we will remove the body art from the participating senior's skin immediately after the photos are taken. 


Does it hurt like a tattoo?

Absolutely not! According to our clients, they say it actually tickles, and feels relaxing. 


What should I do to prepare for the body art and photos?

We recommend that you wear something comfortable and in the color that you like best. Make sure the clothing reveals the area you would like to be painted. Please do not use lotion or moisturizer in that area because it tends to hinder proper application of the make-up on the skin. We will use a safe foam barrier on that area to protect your skin. 


What is the process and how long does it take?

Each participant will be recorded (audio and/or video) and asked to share their word and why they want to share that word with younger generations. They will also be asked to where they want the body art and what colors the want us to use. We will then paint the word onto their body. The last step will be to photograph the final body art design. The entire process take less than an hour. 


How much does it cost?

The entire process is FREE for all participants of The 100 Words Of Wisdom Exhibit.


How old do I have to be to participate?

60 years of age and up. 


Do I have to be affiliated with an organization to participate?

No. That is not a requirement for participation.  


Do I have to be a resident of Westchester County to participate?

No. A majority of our participants will be residents of Westchester County, but we do have some who live outside of Westchester County. 


Do I have to be photographed?

Yes, but we respect the privacy of our participants. So, you don't have to show your face. All we need is are photos of the area that has the body art we painted. 


Will you use my full name?

No. We want protect you from identity theft so we will use your initials, first name or last name. 


Where on my body will you paint my word of wisdom?

Wherever you would like, as long as it is esthetically pleasing and can be displayed in public.


Can people use the same word?

No. Each word will be unique and no one will duplicate the word you share. 


Where are these photos going to be seen?

Our vision is to exhibit these photos throughout Westchester County and beyond. We will also use the images in a variety of merchandise products. 

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